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via Rookie Records, Kidnap Music and Combat Industries.


released October 5, 2018

Recover was recorded and mixed in early 2018 by Max Power at Powerbau in Berlin.
Drums were recorded at Q-Musikkorruption in Berlin.
Mastered by Fabian Tormin at Plätlin Mastering in Hamburg.
Cover Art by Alexander Licznerski.
Cover Photography by Vitor Fontes.
Band Photography by Christina Wenig.


all rights reserved



Beginnings Berlin, Germany

Five piece band from Berlin. For updates, shows and more info check our facebook and instagram pages linked below.

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Track Name: Solitary
There's something about you that made me low
There’s something about you I had to let go
There’s something about you that made dare
To walk alone without despair

And I see it clearly
We came a long way to end here
This separation
So very necessary

All my life
I wanted to get by

There’s something inside me that feels so whole
They come and go, but I'll make it on my own
There’s something inside me that made me dare
To feel alive
Without despair
Track Name: All Or Nothing
Can I trust you with my life?
If you join me on this
We would never look behind
Til the end of time

I just gotta know now
If you’re with me

What I need from you
All or nothing
I'm on fire
What I need from you
All or nothing
Do or die

I feel like time is slipping away
So let’s not hesitate
Well keep on living like no tomorrow
Never ever in sight
Track Name: All I Can Be
Out of the blue and into the night
We travelled down this lonely road
Never feeling right inside

Out of the shadows, but not in the light
We made it through somehow
Still not feeling we ever survived

Looking over your shoulder
I'm staring into the dark
Looking over your shoulder
Brought you down too many times

All I can be, this is who I am, this is all I want
All i can be with my resentment
All I can be, this is who I am, this is all I want
Now let me drown
Because i couldn't care

All of these stars they’re fading away
I'd rather watch you live your life
Than try fixing mine
Sensations come and they go
Did I tell you this
Loss or gain, it's all the same
You're not to blame but it hurts the same
Track Name: Recover
What now? We've fallen down
Pieces on the ground
What now? We've fallen down
We're too fucked to regain
From a failing mind
Starting to decline
The shattered promises
Slipping into darkness

I need you to recover, I want you to recover
I know, I know it's gonna hurt this time
I really want you to know
You'll be alright

Now we’re going down
To see your underground
Those ugly memories
Trapped inside the cage

Still enough to gain
Yeah that I can see, not just misery
We gotta get free from the suffering

I need you to recover, I want you to recover
I know, I know it's gonna hurt this time
I really want you to know
You'll be alright

Now we're going down
To those memories
To recovery
Never found your peace
You died so many times
But you're still alive
Track Name: Now I Know
The things you said, didn't make any sense to me
I had no idea then
You didn't tell, I would've understood what you were going through

You got stuck in a bad place, you got stuck in a bad place

There could've been another way
But now i know that you couldn't stay
There could've been another way
But now I know you had to get away

I saw you that night
Down by the riverside
Staring at the sky
You were no longer there
You were already gone
You could no longer run

I will forgive you
But I won't forget
No other way to break loose
From all the pain
Track Name: Same Old Glory
I've been there again
I don't wanna go back anymore
The same old games
I don't wanna play them anymore
It's the same old story
Relive former glory
I'm sorry to say
But I've heard this all before

As you keep screaming on, forever
As you keep screaming on
Can't hear a word you say

Glory days
The same old glory days

I heard your praise
It was always so much better before
But the glory days
Well, they're not here anymore

When will you start growing up
From that same old story
You just keep holding on
Reliving former glory
It's the same old story
It's the same old glory
Track Name: Stranger
Now it's about time to make up my mind
I just gotta give it this one more try
In another place and another time
I need something more than this to survive

This time i will ride it out (push forward)
Beyond a shadow of a doubt (push forward)
Nothing's gonna keep me down (push forward)
Gotta get up, get up, get up, I'm ready to go

I left it all behind, left it behind me, it was the first time I've felt so alive
I left it all behind me
I found something that I can finally call mine

It's all boiling down to turning the tide
Or keep waiting for my turn to die
I got so jaded that it made me blind
To see what I need to feel alive

My days were numbered
I was going under
The shape that I was in
I was a stranger in my skin
Track Name: 40 Year Run
What is it about you and all the things you preach
What is it about you and all the things you want me to reach
Your destination is a dark and lonely hole
What is it about you people
Why can't you just leave me alone

What can I do
What can I say
Your frustration
Your depression
All your manners
Just let it go
Your 40 year run

And now you run

What is it about you and all the lies you live
What is it about you and the promises you want me to keep
Track Name: Sunday
Woke up this morning
Woke up from something
Woke up from nothing
It was nothing special again
Packed your things together
Pulled your thoughts together
Forever, you thought
With the numbness in your heart

Like never before
It felt like chasing something gone
Like never before

Had enough of the downtime
Had enough of the selfish blame
Had enough of the feeling
This ordinary pain
Oh, stupid senseless pain

No more pain, you promised to yourself

Woke up in the nothing of the next day
It felt more than a needing to just say
Woke up to this nothing
It’s just downtime, fucking bleeding from you
Seeing it from a distance
Stupid situations
Those confrontations
Left you empty inside
Never truly alive

All this pain lies, lies in your head
This addiction is in your head
The solution starts in your head
All in your head, it’s all in your head
Track Name: Into The Distance
I watched you walk away from me
I didn't know what I should feel
When we said goodbye
I switched from water to wine
But still my blood
It was running cold, so cold
Why I cannot change
Barely rearrange
I cannot be just like the rest

Staring out the window
I’m staring out the window
I watched you walk away
Disappearing into the distance

Now I've put it to the test
Well I know it was for the best
Your superficial dreams
They made me really see
There's so many things
I can do without now, without now
Now I'm really sure
I don't need you anymore
So long, so long, so long
I say goodbye now
Track Name: Here And Now
We walked by the river and we talked for hours
We were sharing stories of hurt and loss
We both had been wounded somewhere along the road
We both needed soothing for our broken souls

Some kind of inner release

Do you know what it feels like to be capsized
On calm waters beneath the sunny skies
Aimlessly drifting out of control
As if you were lost on a familiar road

If you know how it feels

Where I've been, where I'll go
It won't make any difference
All I got is this moment
All I got is here and now

I won’t look back I’m living for today

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